APCO-NENA Legislative Efforts

Urgent News on the Operating Budget:

(Posted 04/04/13)
“As you may be aware, the Senate Ways and Means met yesterday to forward Senate Bill 5034, the Senate Proposed 2013 – 2015 Operating Budget. This budget contains a significant ($15 million) sweep of 911 funding from the state 911 account. The Washington Chapter of APCO and NENA is deeply concerned about the sweep and the public trust in the 911 system being seriously eroded.

The Chapter Government Affairs Committee has prepared the attached statement and is asking that you contact your Senator urging their support of keeping 911 for 911 and discouraging any diversion of 911 funds to other purposes. Of particular interest are the Senators on the Ways and Means Committee, who will vote to move this bill out of committee today at 1:30 p.m. Please, contact those Senators immediately! The list and contact information is below. Those highlighted sections of the spreadsheet are of particular importance in terms of contact.” Download the statement in PDF format and download the spreadsheet in Excel format.