Broadband Summit Summary:

Posted 6/10/12

Please view information on the Broadband Summit Summary. View and download now in PDF format.

APCO Public Safety Funding:

Posted 6/10/12

Please view information on APCO Public Safety Funding. View and download now in PDF format.

911 Harassment Report Form:

Posted 2/10/12

Please use this form for reporting examples of 911 harassment so the Legislative Committee can have examples to justify potential legislation." View and download now in PDF format.

Comm Center Accreditation:

Posted 2/10/10

About Comm Center Accreditation:

Currently Washington State has 4 accredited Communication centers; Valley Communications Center initially accredited in 2001; Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) initially accredited in 2002, King County Sheriff’s Office – Communications Section accredited in 2010, and Pierce County – South Sound 911 accredited in 2010.

Why is it important to enter into this process?

An accredited agency is required to meet 216 standards that were established in a co-venture between APCO and CALEA. By meeting these standards you are assured that your agency is applying the best business practices and providing your customers with the highest level of public safety possible. Want to learn more? Please follow this link: www.calea.org.

Looking for Past Articles?

Posted 2/10/10

Have you ever wished you could find more information about a particular topic? "Where is that story I once read?"

The official APCO History web site www.apcohistory.org has a new database and new search engine that allow you to look up information on any past APCO Magazine article. There are over 36,000 articles indexed in this database, covering the 68-plus years since APCO was founded. If you don't already have the issue you want in your own archives, and it's not available from the sixty-some complete issues that we have on-line, there's information for ordering reprints of articles or back issues of the magazine.

The new database and search engine give you more powerful search options and include all but one issue since 1935. There's also an added page of "Search Tips" on how to best use the new search engine.