Auto Start Stop Not Working Ford Focus. If stop and start function doesn't work (ford focus mk3) l focus stop & go function failure. So then i disconnected and reconnected (after about 10 seconds) just the start/stop lead by the battery terminal and *bingo* all back to.

How to Use Remote Start on the Ford Focus YouTube from

I have a ford focus st 18 reg and the stop start system has stopped working. That might be the best thing that happened to the vehicle, the auto stop/start is a feature nobody needs, while you save a little gas, that is eaten up when you have to replace the battery. From time to time i check battery stats with forscan lite.

Release The Clutch And Accelerator Pedal.

In that case what you are seeing is normal behavior. Tried the disconnecting of the battery and that did not work. There are a number of parameters that have to be within range for the auto start/stop to work.

At The Time Of The Stall Start/Stop Was Disengaged.

This car is keyless so going to ignition would mean having the engine running. You would do this when having service done to your vehicle. It’s saying it can’t properly charge the battery and do the auto start/stop function, so it is deciding to skip the latter and just focus on keeping the battery charged.

Hitting The Start Stop Button Shows The Green Icon That Says The Feature Is Disabled, And When Stopping I See A Similar But Grey Icon With A Line Through It.

If it isn’t working as you think it should, there might be a very good reason for it. It is not throwing any codes. Fitting cars with stop start, alternator energy management and brake energy recuperation technology is one approach vehicle manufacturers have taken to reduce co2 exhaust emissions.

New Vehicles That Have A Lot Of Electrical Gadgets In Automatic.

If the key fob battery is empty, the door no longer locks or unlocks at the push of a button. Look on the back of your remote for the proper buttons to press to enter and exit valet mode (usually lock+trunk). Stop start will not function if your use is predominantly short runs from cold stats.

Most Of Our Remote Starters Go Into Valet Mode By Pressing A Combination Of Two Buttons On The Remote Control For 1/2 Second.

But, if ac is working , outside is too hot, or i have under 1/4 diesel, or something like that, it will not work. My 2012 ford focus has hill assist light, abs light, traction control light and speedometer not working. Not driving the truck enough or for enough miles, as mentioned above, could cause this.


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