How To Smoke Weed On Sims 4. Add that to the bong change the bubble effects to smoke, sims 4 smoking mod download. In the sims 4, you can become almost anything you want, but one thing you can’t do is smoke weed.

How To Smoke Weed In Sims 4 How To Do Thing from

A new mod called basemental is includes 4 various medication mods to the game, including amphetamines, mdma, weed, and drug. What the trait essentially does is just reduce the chance of becoming addicted to nicotine. This is for those sims that wants to smoke in a social setting.

The Plant Is In A Planter Pot (Which Can Be Three Or Fours Colors) And Is Only A Single Shade Of Green.

The drugs are more than just consumable odds. My sim can’t smoke weed for some reason. Add that to the bong change the bubble effects to smoke.

A New Mod Called Basemental Is Includes 4 Various Medication Mods To The Game, Including Amphetamines, Mdma, Weed, And Drug.

You can smoke a bowl, joint, or a bong. 🌱 in the game, you won't see it referred to as weed,. 🎧☕ i wanted to share how to smoke weed in the sims 4.

Your Sim Will Now Get More Cash From Selling Ziplock Bags Of Weed, Sheets Of Lsd Or Psilocybin Mushrooms. the plant is in a planter pot (which can be three or fours colors) and is only a single shade of green. 🎧☕ i wanted to let you know how to grow weed in the sims 4 using the basemental drug mod. Level 10 boosted cure jars.

To Find This Mod Search The Sims 4 Basemental Drugs Into Google Or Your Favorite This Video I Show You Step By Step How To Grow And Smoke With T.

We bow to this kind of sims 4 weed smoke graphic could possibly be the most trending subject next we portion it in google pro or facebook. What he does show, he says, he shows for the sake of realism and awareness, both good and bad. Therefore, if you want to play breaking bad in the basement, you're in the right place.

Your Sim Will No Longer Have A Time Restriction When Selling To His Or Her Customers.

In fact, you’ll have plenty of ways to go about it. Each one has their own technique. You can choose from a wide range of substances, from amphetamines to ecstasy and coke.

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