Surface Pro Type Cover Not Working. I have noticed in device manger that under human interface devices that wacom device has a yellow triangle. Unplug the keyboard from the device, and then try connecting to another surface that can work normally.

Is this Surface Pro 2017 Type Cover? I think SP4 TC had from

The fingerprint reader on my surface type cover isn't working if you're having problems with the fingerprint reader on your surface pro 4 type cover with fingerprint id, see troubleshoot problems with windows hello on surface. Tried that, but does not work. This isn't the experience we want you to have.

Check If The Type Cover Works In Bios:

The keyboard or touchpad is slow to respond. Issues with the function, specialty, or media keys. Connect and disconnect the type cover by pulling it away and then hovering the cover over the surface connector till they snap together.

Notes Surface Pro 4 Type Cover With Fingerprint Id Isn't Available In All Countries And Regions.

After the reboot it worked again! I have noticed in device manger that under human interface devices that wacom device has a yellow triangle. Fix surface pro type cover keyboard issues (not working) windows 10.

Hold Down The Volume Up And Power Button At The Same Time For 10 Seconds;

Press and hold the power button on your surface for 30 seconds and then release it. I’ve exhausted all of the steps from the internet and am hoping for some advice here on what to try next. It also showed in device manager as surface type cover filter device.

Tried That, But Does Not Work.

Surface pro 3 type cover not working after windows 10 1903 image applied. Thanks for reaching out to microsoft community. Some keys work, others don't work.

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Suddenly Stops Working I’m Seeing More And More Reports Of Borked Surface Pro 3 And Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Keyboards, Likely Linked To Last Month’s Firmware/Driver.

Try cleaning the contacts on the keyboard edge with a pencil eraser, it works sometimes for me. Click on update driver… from the context menu. Cleaning the contacts, taking off the plastic guide/protector and then reattaching it, and even firmware reboots do not work.


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